CCTV Services

Having served the South Eastern USA area since 1999, ETTech CCTV’s team of licensed field technicians have successfully completed the installation of well over 1000 business and home surveillance systems.  Whether it is a commercial, a residential, an office, or an industrial space,ETTech CCTV has established itself as a trusted name in surveillance security systems.

Professional and punctual, you can rely on ETTech CCTV to service your security systems needs. ETTech CCTV specializes in:

  • Installation of security systems and video surveillance cameras.
  • Configuration of CCTV remote monitoring and recording accessible via an internet connection.
  • Development of security controls suited specifically towards warehouses and or office spaces.
  • Implementation of CCTV security cameras as a means of project monitoring of construction sites and customer observation in retail spaces.


For all your business and home security system needs, call ETTECH CCTV today at (828) 829-1999.


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